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This lady medium began sitting in the Lodge during December '17...the detail of her early sittings have been published in the previous post (scroll down to view).

This more recent report (May-August 2018) offers an insight into some of the phenomena currently being demonstrated through the invited spiritual control of this medium.  I have written this report as a record for ourselves, as the value of such moments within early development are precious to us.
As with all forms of mediumship, the spirit controls work in many ways towards their intent to present evidential phenomena, and no particular ‘way’ is more valid than another.  The medium is 'simply' a tool through which such presentations may become made. 

Over the years I have witnessed how vibration can play a part in the developmental process…and these photos are a record of this particular medium’s journey.
As a circle leader and supporting witness I feel it important to objectively focus my attention upon what I am seeing and feeling within a physical séance.   It is not my place to relax and become swept up in the moment, although at times it is impossible not to become excited and delighted by what is becoming demonstrated by those in an unseen world as they strive to present themselves and communicate with us as evidence of their continuing survival.

This photo shows something that I have often witnessed within the séance room.  There is some spiritually controlled rapid vibration of the mediums physical form, which blurs the appearance of her/him self.  The process may enable the recognisable features of a ‘deceased’ person to become seen upon the blurred 'screen'. 
Often the hands are affected, and during the demonstration the mediums own hand appears to be that of a child or larger person.  Also fingers may also appear longer or shorter than their own.  The vibrations are sometimes seen clearly as being movement of the physical form.  However very often there is no movement to be seen, as the vibrations can become so rapid, and finely tuned, that our physical eyes cannot see the process.  In this photo the hand seen on the left appears blurred, when physical movement of the hand was not apparent at the time.
These photos show the mediums head being physically moved in a rapid manner.

As these photos show, the face/head of the medium can disappear from objective view and seems to be replaced by a ‘vibrating screen’.   This form of spiritually effected phenomena may be similar to scrying...when faces might be caused to appear within a bowl of water, cloud of smoke, a mirror surface or in the air within damp atmospheric conditions. 

Two weeks after these photographs were taken we held a séance with two witnesses present.  On that occasion during the demonstration the medium's head (when being both moved or when still) appeared likened to an illuminated energetic TV screen, upon which different faces did appear...many of these seen and identically described by the two witnessing sitters.  At the same time further illumination was seen within the cabinet area appearing possibly as a by-product of the primary presentation.  The various demonstrations each lasted for between two and three minutes before the intensity of presentation faded.

A few weeks later (June) within the same conditions a large male hand, dark in colour, was physically seen laid upon the medium's left hand, whilst her right hand lay unmoved and unchanged in appearance.  After the séance the medium described her feeling that a hand had been laid upon her left hand.  Within the same séance many energetic mask-like faces became presented in front of the mediums own...two of these recognised by the second witness present.  Since then this same phenomena has been demonstrated with further clarity and greater definition of facial features. 

On July 10th an impromptu mid morning séance was held.  The weather was rather warm and so due to the temperature we agreed to sit only for a short time...about an hour.  The room was fairly comfortable as we entered, but with the ambient heat in mind I decided not to close the cabinet curtains, as I didn't want to restrict the air flow around the medium.  Instead we simply sat in the dark for the duration of two songs (about ten minutes) before I turned the red light on as usual.  I was then able to see familiar misty cloud around the medium, which built to obscure her face.  I find this phenomena fascinating to watch, so was seated in a relaxed manner as I observed development. 
As time passed I noticed that her left arm and hand appeared to have a darker layer of 'fog' atop it, that was of such density as to present the appearance of a second arm/hand.  I then glanced upwards to look at the medium's face and neck area, both of which were still obscured from my view by the dense foggy cloud that I'd been watching earlier...and was now gradually becoming self-illuminated, as if by 'threads of electricity'.  I was still seated in a relaxed manner, observing the various the threads of light became massed...and at the same time came be seen as presenting as totally independent of the medium!  What I was seeing clearly, beyond doubt, was a 'splodge' of light, pink toned, about 6" across.  Not covering the mediums face, nor slightly in front of it, but being presented nearby but seemingly independent of it.
When I saw this formation it gave me a jolt, to be honest and I couldn't help but feel excited and delighted by what had been achieved by the mediums controlling spirit team.  My excitement was obviously recognised by the team as they promptly expressed their excitement causing the mediums chair to come out of the cabinet area and into the room!  
The séance came to a close soon after this.

In September the phenomena being seen within seances changed.  Now it seemed that the mediums state of consciousness was becoming more deeply affected, with less visual phenomena being demonstrated due to the developmental focus being upon this.  The medium afterwards describes feeling herself to 'become' another person.  She first described herself as wearing a waistcoat and high buttoned shirt and of being a man.  She did not feel herself to be 'stood aside' but felt herself to be as one with the invited connecting personality. 
Note: This medium sits in séance with developmental intent once weekly...her progress continues.

It is now December, almost a year since this lady first began to sit for development.  Séance phenomena has increased and presentations stabilised.  Notably, within a recent séance an active energetic column was seen to form between the mediums hand, where it rested on the arm of the chair within which she was seated, and her head as it rested supported by the chair back.  The energetic column at first appeared to be forming without further anomaly...however...after a period of a few minutes a dense patch became formed along its length, to finally appear face-like in shape, although without any feature definition presented.  Later in the same séance the medium was seen sitting with her hands laid one atop the other upon her lap in a relaxed manner...whilst the left hand began to appear faded in density, to appear 'ghost like' as it laid upon the right.  Clearly development continues.