In January the new year got off to a high-energy start, with developmental progress jumping to another level.  In December '18 the medium had been released from the cotton cord bindings to her wrists, which had secured her to the chair...and this was repeated more rapidly within the first séance of '19 and then a week later the process was shown within lit conditions.
Voice development was also demonstrated more strongly than ever...with the sound being repetitively heard and projected with greater stability than previously.
The spirit team incidentally confirmed that ectoplasmic extraction was being utilised...along with a new form of energetic manipulation, which enables the projection of holographic light effects.  This description totally fails to appropriately describe the phenomena that is seen! 
As we haven't yet attempted to film, I offer this picture as an honest approximation of the display...this being seen as if created from the energetic mass that is the mediums head...!
The holographic display does not only appear in this form.  There are also rainbow shades of light, in bright fluorescent tones...as well as some of flame-like appearance...and some that appear rather like stars in the night, with full 3D effect. 

In March we were able to film some of the phenomena currently being demonstrated.  We did this using a camera with simple night-vision capability. This video clip shows the rapid spirit-effected movements used to release the cotton cord tie that binds the mediums arms to her chair.  The ties are wide cotton boot laces, which are threaded through a hole drilled in the wooden chair arm.  The cord is taken to be once-tied above the mediums wrist, before being taken down and again crossed beneath the arm, then above again to be twice-tied and finished with a bow.  On this occasion the medium was asked to try to extricate her arm from the non-stretching cord tie before being left seated in the open cabinet in clear view of witnesses present. 

This video cannot be previewed, so must be downloaded to view.  It clearly shows the wrist ties in place and the medium seated relaxed within her chair until the time when her team takes control.
Note: The medium felt only slight movement of her physical form at the time of this demonstration and had no adverse after affects whatsoever. 

This audio recording (a demonstration of voice development) was recorded in dimmed red lighting conditions.  The spoken words are "I'm the first one here".  The medium had no recollection of consciousness at this time (deep trance).

Note: This medium is now spreading her wings more widely.  I wish her all the very best as further adventures become experienced : )  Chris Di Nucci

2018: A full year of developmental reports

In the summer of 2017 a lady guest came along to sit in support of the Lodge project.  She initially described feeling curious about physical mediumship. She also said that she had experienced altered states of consciousness during meditation and offered this as another reason for wanting to come along to the Lodge.  At this time she had never sat in a Physical séance and wanted to learn more.

Initially this lady was invited to attend several séances, to sit as a guest in support of two established but developing physical mediums.  She later asked whether she might be offered an opportunity to sit for this form of development herself.  As a result, after further discussion and with the Christmas holiday ahead...and knowing that I had a few weeks with a reduced number of séances being held, I suggested that we sit together for six periods of experimentation, to begin just prior to the Christmas break.  We together agreed that after this series of six sittings (once weekly) we would either cease the intended experimentation, or else continue to sit together in support of her further development, depending upon the amount of time that became mutually available to us.  My feeling is always that if something is 'meant to be' then the time can be found to accommodate it.

This now is a very brief resume of this ladies initial sittings and those which followed, as we feel the information might be of interest to others.  No two mediums are the same and each developmental path is unique, but I feel that learning may be supported by the sharing of experiences.

Ist sitting
The lady was offered a comfortable chair with firm arm rests and a winged back (Parker Knoll style) which would support her head and neck were she to fall sideways during a trance experience.  Incidentally, the chair was covered by a single (new) bed sheet as I prefer to cover chairs that are being shared by different mediums.  She sat in the middle of the séance room facing myself, at a distance of about 4ft away.  A short string of fairy lights offered illumination within the room.  Background music was played and the customary opening prayer of intent spoken.
The lady clearly experienced spontaneous trance and the rapid vibration of her physical body was demonstrated.  I offered her support and assistance at that time with intent to stabilise this condition.  Some change within her presented personality was also apparent, with some unfamiliar vocalisation occurring.
The sitting continued for the agreed duration of one hour before being closed with the customary prayer.  No after affects were felt and we both looked forward to further sittings.

2nd sitting
The same sitting conditions were applied as previously, aside from a change in lighting.  The fairy lights were replaced with a red lamp that offered less harsh illumination.  The medium appeared more relaxed on this occasion, understandably as she had sat once previously.  Again spontaneous trance was experienced and again physical vibrations were apparent.  I recognised one presented personality from the previous occasion and upon invitation some fairly stable communication took place.  The communicating spirit form offered their name and claimed themselves to be the medium's primary guide and gatekeeper.  The sitting continued for the agreed duration of one hour before being closed with the customary prayer. Again we had both enjoyed the experience and agreed to continue our agreed period of experimentation.

3rd sitting
The same sitting conditions were applied as upon the previous occasion.  Again the medium experienced spontaneous trance.  Again physical vibrations were demonstrated.  I feel assured that these vibrations will ease shortly.  The general communication was much the same as within the last sitting, aside from one very notable factor.  Towards the end of the seance a gentleman came through, offering his name and presenting with a personality recognised and known by myself.  This gentleman had a great deal of experience of physical mediumship, and was also a mental medium when in life.  His communication and presentation at this time was much appreciated, and his visitation of great value in a conformational context.  The medium and myself are keen to sit again!

Extra meeting
The medium and I met to share information relating to historical mediumship in its many forms, to discuss her experiences as a mental medium to date, and to further consider her potential for development as a physical medium and the responsibilities involved. 

4th sitting
The same sitting conditions applied as previously.  Again spontaneous trance was experienced.  Again physical vibrations were demonstrated, but this time the spirit team responded to my requests to gain more stable control, and the shaking became notably reduced. 
This sitting offered several valuable insights into this mediums potential development. 
* I objectively saw wisps of energy around her face...particularly around her nose and mouth.
* I witnessed the appearance of an energetic 'fizzy screen', which transformed the appearance of the mediums' face and torso.
* The mediums exhalation of breath became extended vocally in duration considerably beyond the norm'.
* The mediums trance state became deepened further than had been previously experienced.
* The mediums voice range became altered in several ways.  The following audio clip demonstrates one of the most familiar of these alterations.  Similar sounds can typically emanate from a developing medium and are not to be regarded with alarm.  The enablement of audible communication is rather like tuning in a radio, as with practice and dedication the broadcasting voices can become heard.
Audio Clip

5th sitting
The sitting conditions were changed on this occasion as both the medium and myself had independently felt that the chair should now be moved into the cabinet...with the curtains remaining open.  I had also felt inspired to place the 'Scole dome' centrally within the room...feeling that this would act as an energetic anchor.  I have owned this dome for many years but it has seldom been utilised.  However, having had the 'thought' I placed the dome in position, whilst offering my intent for its purpose.  The dim red lighting conditions within the room remained unchanged. 

During the séance, again spontaneous trance was experienced by the medium.  The physical shaking previously experienced was clearly under control, and when it did occur it was with purpose. For the duration of the séance energetic phenomena in the form of condensing haze, mist and small lights were clearly visible around the medium seated within the cabinet area.

This sitting over-all offered further insight into this mediums potential for the development of evidential physical mediumship and we were both of highly positive and enthusiastic mindset afterwards.

6th sitting
The séance conditions were set as upon the previous occasion, but this time the medium was seated within the cabinet with the curtains closed.  The dimmed red light remained in place within the room, along with the central dome.  It was a quiet séance although an interesting one.  Primarily, through experience I knew the team to be working upon the mediums levels of consciousness.  In addition, externally to the cabinet, various energetic phenomena was seen.  Several times during the sitting I invited communication from the medium's guides and each time heard the chair being shaken slightly in response to my 'yes or no' enquiries.  It was made clear to me during this sitting that her spirit team had full control of the medium and were willing and able to respond to my words either verbally, or through the simple method of vibration to effect responsive sound.

7th sitting
This sitting was again held in dimmed red lighting conditions with the cabinet curtains closed.  Again the sitting was a quiet one, with the same forms of response offered by the spirit team when I made any enquiry.  Again too I witnessed visual phenomena to the front of cabinet and felt that this was 'deliberately' being demonstrated, rather than the phenomena being 'randomly' effected.  In fact the visual phenomena was of such quality that on several occasions I felt it likely that the appearance of form might become presented...but I dismissed this as being 'expectation' rather than being based upon the likelihood of fact. One never knows!

8th sitting
This sitting was held as previously, but for the first time a second person was present in a supporting capacity as witness.  During the séance once again the visual phenomena was clearly seen and as this time two witnesses were present the objective nature of the presentation was undeniable.  In addition, through communication with the team, it became decided for a muslin frame to be placed upon the floor outside of the cabinet, between the curtains and the dome, during future sittings with this medium.  Such interactive guidance clearly indicating that progress is being made.


The muslin frame was first requested by one of the spirit teams working through a medium that I was supporting nine years ago, and has since been requested periodically by others.  It is a simple wooden frame from an art canvas (about 18 x 24) that has had the canvas removed and replaced by a sheet of white cotton muslin.  The frame has been either laid upon the floor, or placed to stand against the front of the cabinet, and this enables any grey or black energetic substance to be readily seen.  I have witnessed energy presented as a greyish mist, as a black mist or density, as a luminescent substance and as electric sparkles.  Some other spiritually effected forms can be better seen again the black background of the cabineteither internally or externally.  Cotton muslin has (so far) been the fabric of choice when showing greyish substance...probably because misty forms of substance can travel through the fibres.  In my mind I feel that in the present instance the frame might best be offered laid upon the floor at the base of the cabinet curtain, externally.   As both the witness and myself saw shadow (therefore dark) on the floor.

Independent report by a guest sitter:
The evening began with an opportunity to meet the medium before sitting. As the time drew near to start of the event, the energy built up was noticeable. When seated in the séance room, the medium appeared to go into a trance state very quickly.  Very soon, a soft haze of energy became visible. Small flashes of light and blue 'sparkles' were seen within a distinct area of energy in front of the cabinet curtains, which gave the impression of the movement of the curtains. The spirit team informed us that the curtains were not in fact moving and that energy was creating the 3D effect that was being seen. This energy could clearly be seen originating at floor level from under the curtains, as it created a 'shadow' on the floor.  Due to the position of the red light there was normally be no shadow in that area.  This observation was objectively seen by both witnesses and was also confirmed by the spirit team. The energy built up in this way for the duration of the séance, sometimes seen and sometimes withdrawn before building up again. I noted many distinct movements within the energy, which often extended upwards at the front of the cabinet.  I was also experiencing distinct cold and warm patches on my right arm and my head throughout the séance.  I hope the medium continues sitting for development as I would love to sit with her again.

9th sitting
This séance was held in the same conditions as previously, although a different supporting sitter was present along with myself.  The muslin frame (described in the last post) was put in position upon the floor, about 4 inches away from the front hem of the cabinet curtain.  Both witnesses were able to see an area of wooden floor surrounding the frame.  Dimmed red light was in place for the duration of the seance, with the lamp raised upon a small table in order to show the frame surface and its flooring surround.  The medium was seated within the closed cabinet. 

During the fourth song played (so about 20 minutes from the opening of the seance) both witnesses saw a soft cloud of mist 'moving and hovering' above the muslin frame.  A short time later this mist appeared more dense, and formed into a cushion...this one sitter described as looking like a "soft cloud resting on a bed".
Later on, about an hour into the séance, the floor area nearest to the cabinet became hidden beneath a 'mat' of energy.  Both witnesses at this time saw denser patches upon the frame 'cloud', these appearing as greenish or brownish.  The frame edge positioned nearest the cabinet had 'fingers' of darker density spasmodically obscuring the rigid edge of the frame itself.

My personal thought, having now witnessed the dense energy upon the floor between curtained cabinet and muslin frame, is that it might be preferable to position the frame closer to the curtain, without the gap between.  This is because the energy appears to be emanating from beneath the curtain and the phenomena would, I think, be able to form with greater strength without the space between.  The space allows the light to influence the phenomena within that space...whereas if the frame is positioned against the curtain there is no such influence.  Historically, in my experience, light has a negative impact upon the development of phenomena of this type.  Experimentation will therefore be effected.

Note: Following this séance the medium reported that her face was burning and that she had occasionally returned to consciousness to feel a strong tugging sensation from her solar plexis.  These sensations are perfectly normal and welcomed, as they are indicative of this physical mediums developmental progress.  She has been advised to use 'Sudacrem' to cool the heat of her face and to increase the offered bare skin areas.  Currently she is wrapped up warmly to suit the weather...but will now remove some layers when sitting in séance.  A long loose cotton dress has been suggested as suitable attire. 
This style is 100% cotton and is currently available on Ebay for around £13

As development has further unfolded a séance routine has become established.  The séances will now begin in the dark, with the medium seated within the closed cabinet for a period of approximately fifteen minutes...after which the red light will be switched on dimly, but sufficiently bight to illuminate the cabinet curtain.  After a further ten minutes, or upon earlier indication from the spirit team, the cabinet curtains will be opened.  The séance will be one and a half hours to two hours in duration.

Note: This medium will continue to sit once weekly with dedicated intent for continuing development with support being offered within a closed home circle environment.  Her sittings will continue in privacy until such time as we feel it appropriate to publish further reports.  Guest sitters known to us will be invited to sit as witnessing guests when appropriate.

I feel it is time to offer an insight into some of the phenomena currently being demonstrated through the invited spiritual control of this medium. As with all forms of mediumship, the spirit controls work in many ways towards their intent to present evidential physical phenomena, and no particular ‘way’ is more valid than another. 

As a circle leader and supporting witness I feel it important to objectively focus my attention upon what I am seeing and feeling within a physical séance.   It is not my place to relax and become swept up in the moment, although at times it is impossible not to become excited and delighted by what is becoming demonstrated by those in an unseen world as they strive to present themselves and communicate with us as evidence of their continuing survival.

This photo shows something that I have often witnessed within the séance room.  There is some spiritually controlled rapid vibration of the mediums physical form, which blurs the appearance of her/him self.  Sometimes the process may enable the recognisable features of a ‘deceased’ person to become seen upon the blurred 'screen'. 
Often the hands are affected, and during the demonstration the mediums own hand appears to be that of a child or larger person.  Also fingers may also appear longer or shorter than their own.  The vibrations are sometimes seen clearly as being movement of the physical form.  However very often there is no movement to be seen, as the vibrations can become so rapid, and finely tuned, that our physical eyes cannot see the process.  In this photo the hand seen on the left appears blurred, when physical movement of the hand was not apparent at the time.
These photos show the mediums head being physically moved in a rapid manner.

As these photos show, the face/head of the medium can disappear from objective view and seems to be replaced by a ‘vibrating screen’.   This form of spiritually effected phenomena may be similar to scrying...when faces might be caused to appear within a bowl of water, cloud of smoke, a mirror surface or in the air within damp atmospheric conditions. 

Two weeks after these photographs were taken we held a séance with two witnesses present.  On that occasion during the demonstration the medium's head (when being both moved or when still) appeared likened to an illuminated energetic TV screen, upon which different faces did appear...many of these seen and identically described by the two witnessing sitters.  At the same time further illumination was seen within the cabinet area appearing possibly as a by-product of the primary presentation.  The various demonstrations each lasted for between two and three minutes before the intensity of presentation faded.

A few weeks later (June) within the same conditions a large male hand, dark in colour, was physically seen laid upon the medium's left hand, whilst her right hand lay unmoved and unchanged in appearance.  After the séance the medium described her feeling that a hand had been laid upon her left hand.  Within the same séance many energetic mask-like faces became presented in front of the mediums own...two of these recognised by the second witness present.  Since then this same phenomena has been demonstrated with further clarity and greater definition of facial features. 

On July 10th an impromptu mid morning séance was held.  The weather was rather warm and so due to the temperature we agreed to sit only for a short time...about an hour.  The room was fairly comfortable as we entered, but with the ambient heat in mind I decided not to close the cabinet curtains, as I didn't want to restrict the air flow around the medium.  Instead we simply sat in the dark for the duration of two songs (about ten minutes) before I turned the red light on as usual.  I was then able to see familiar misty cloud around the medium, which built to obscure her face.  I find this phenomena fascinating to watch, so was seated in a relaxed manner as I observed development. 
As time passed I noticed that her left arm and hand appeared to have a darker layer of 'fog' atop it, that was of such density as to present the appearance of a second arm/hand.  I then glanced upwards to look at the medium's face and neck area, both of which were still obscured from my view by the dense foggy cloud that I'd been watching earlier...and was now gradually becoming self-illuminated, as if by 'threads of electricity'.  I was still seated in a relaxed manner, observing the various presentations...as the threads of light became massed...and at the same time came forward...to be seen as presenting as totally independent of the medium!  What I was seeing clearly, beyond doubt, was a 'splodge' of light, pink toned, about 6" across.  Not covering the mediums face, nor slightly in front of it, but being presented nearby but seemingly independent of it.
When I saw this formation it gave me a jolt, to be honest and I couldn't help but feel excited and delighted by what had been achieved by the mediums controlling spirit team.  My excitement was obviously recognised by the team as they promptly expressed their excitement also...by causing the mediums chair to come out of the cabinet area and into the room!  
The séance came to a close soon after this.

In September the phenomena being seen within seances changed.  Now it seemed that the mediums state of consciousness was becoming more deeply affected, with less visual phenomena being demonstrated due to the developmental focus being upon this.  The medium afterwards describes feeling herself to 'become' another person.  She first described herself as wearing a waistcoat and high buttoned shirt and of being a man.  She did not feel herself to be 'stood aside' but felt herself to be as one with the invited connecting personality. 
Note: This medium sits in séance with developmental intent once weekly...her progress continues.

In December, almost a year since this lady first began to sit for development the witnessed séance phenomena has increased and many of the presentations have become stabilised.  Notably, within a recent séance an active energetic column was seen to form between the mediums hand, where it rested on the arm of the chair within which she was seated, and her head as it rested supported by the chair back.  The energetic column at first appeared to be forming without further anomaly...however...after a period of a few minutes a dense patch was seen within its length, to finally appear face-like in shape, although without any feature definition presented.  Later in the same séance the medium was sitting with her hands laid one atop the other upon her lap in a relaxed manner...with the uppermost hand appeared transparent.

On the final sitting prior to the Christmas holiday break the spirit team pulled out all the stops.  The medium was seated with cotton cord ties securing both her wrists to the arms of the chair.  Half-way through the séance the team simply raised both of her arms!  Showing that she had been released from the ties!  After séance we looked at the cord and found them hanging with the 'bow' tie still intact.  Also after séance we noticed that one of the chair leg cups had become released and was laying on the floor centrally between the mediums legs.  All four chair legs had been standing in cups...and although I didn't witness its release (despite being alert and sitting in clear red-lighting conditions) I am aware that the chair did not tilt of become raised...so it's a bit of a mystery!!!

Chris Di Nucci
Contact: BristolSL@virginmedia.com

Note: In response to a query...no, 'Lanturn' is not a spelling mistake.  Lanturn refers to a Pokémon character that is described as having orbs which contain a bacteria which chemically react with the Laturns bodily fluid. This enables it to generate electricity in a similar fashion to a battery.  Therefore with reference to unusual physical phenomena, I feel the name to be appropriate.

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