In January the new year got off to a high-energy start, with developmental progress jumping to another level.  In December '18 the medium had been released from the cotton cord bindings to her wrists, which had secured her to the chair...and this was repeated more rapidly within the first séance of '19 and then a week later the process was shown within lit conditions.
Voice development was also demonstrated more strongly than ever...with the sound being repetitively heard and projected with greater stability than previously.
The spirit team incidentally confirmed that ectoplasmic extraction was being utilised...along with a new form of energetic manipulation, which enables the projection of holographic light effects.  This description totally fails to appropriately describe the phenomena that is seen! 
As we haven't yet attempted to film, I offer this picture as an honest approximation of the display...this being seen as if created from the energetic mass that is the mediums head...!
The holographic display does not only appear in this form.  There are also rainbow shades of light, in bright fluorescent tones...as well as some of flame-like appearance...and some that appear rather like stars in the night, with full 3D effect. 

In March we were able to film some of the phenomena currently being demonstrated.  We did this using a camera with simple night-vision capability. This video clip shows the rapid spirit-effected movements used to release the cotton cord tie that binds the mediums arms to her chair.  The ties are wide cotton boot laces, which are threaded through a hole drilled in the wooden chair arm.  The cord is taken to be once-tied above the mediums wrist, before being taken down and again crossed beneath the arm, then above again to be twice-tied and finished with a bow.  On this occasion the medium was asked to try to extricate her arm from the non-stretching cord tie before being left seated in the open cabinet in clear view of witnesses present. 

This video cannot be previewed, so must be downloaded to view.  It clearly shows the wrist ties in place and the medium seated relaxed within her chair until the time when her team takes control.
Note: The medium felt only slight movement of her physical form at the time of this demonstration and had no adverse after affects whatsoever. 

This audio recording (a demonstration of voice development) was recorded in dimmed red lighting conditions.  The spoken words are "I'm the first one here".  The medium had no recollection of consciousness at this time (deep trance).

Note: This medium is now spreading her wings more widely.  I wish her all the very best as further adventures become experienced : )  Chris Di Nucci